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December 2022

Flu shots are in and EVERYONE over age 6 months should be getting a flu shot.  With most children's hospitals in Ontario still being overwhelmed with the combination of Influenza, respiratory viruses like RSV and Covid, necessitating cancelling of surgeries,  we have to protect our  youngsters(our  herd) by  everyone getting all their immunizations up to date.

For example: to be up to date with Covid now means having had 5 injections

All of Dr Laura's children have been immunized against both Flu and Covid.

It doesn't matter where you get your flu or Covid shot! pharmacy ,clinic or our office.

                                          COVID  IS STILL HERE                    

In the office we will continue to mask  No one  should try to get COVID. Long Covid remains an unsolved dilemma with concerns about long term cognitive(brain) dysfunction.  Politically!! mask mandates will never 

 happen again but health officials have again recommended selective  masking to protect at risk family members, the very young and the very  infirm old .

                               PLEASE GET VACCINATED.


               PLEASE RE-ROSTER and Sign Block Fee WITH THE PRACTICE

Good news:
The office has returned back to a pre-Covid working protocols.

Many of you patients have not been seen in the office for the last 2.5 years and we do not know if you still wish to continue as patients of the practice. We are carrying you “on the books” as it were, but we do not know if you are getting your primary care elsewhere: for instance another family physician or from Walk-In Clinics.  As you are all aware, there is a province wide shortage of family doctors precipitated by Covid burnout and the weight of 

administrative burden of paperwork and forms, forms, forms.

In order to get a clearer idea as to who wants to "maintain" their spot in the practice, we are asking you to officially roster with Dr. Laura.  as soon as possible. Given the large number of patients in her practice inherited from old old Dr. Foster, the roster is closing, after which time Dr. Laura will have the right to refuse membership in the practice.


Only rostered patients will be eligible to partake in FHO annual block fee for fax prescription renewals/notes/etc (please see our website for further information regarding block fees).  For those rostered patients who do not choose to sign up for the block fee, we have restarted our historical (from old Dr. Foster times) a 30$ pharmacy fax prescription renewal fee(which as a courtesy and necessity had been put on hold for Covid).

All non-rostered patients must be seen in office for their prescription renewals.  Please bring all your bottles of medication for us to check as sometimes we are surprised to find out what meds you are taking or not


Rostered patients only 

 will be able to use email correspondence for medical issues when deemed clinically appropriate by the physician (ie. Sending in physician requested information such as pictures/blood pressure readings/sugar

All non rostered patients will need to come into the office to have their issues dealt with.

For those patients who already are attending another medical clinic,
please let us know where to send your medical records.


Rostering forms and transfer of medical record forms are available for pick up from our office.



  ​                        VERY IMPORTANT CHANGES IN                                                                   OFFICE APPOINTMENT PROTOCOLS         

Unfortunately in these days, while we understand every patient's desire to discuss all of their problems which they have accumulated  and been concerned with for the past 2 years, please do not come with a laundry list of 10 problems! Only the single most important issue will be covered. Unlike the old precovid days of my father, you can not come for a 5 minute Liquid Nitrogen and skin check appointment and then extend the appointment time by talking about your 5 other problems or your family members probs.  We have to deal with THE MOST  IMPORTANT PROBLEM ONLY.  If there are other problems you wish to discuss, you must book another appointment--- but it may be in several weeks to give everyone else who has waited 2 years a chance to see the doc as well. We have to sacrifice for the good of the whole practice.  This backlog of medical care is Province Wide and covers every specialty of medicine and will take many many months to clear. The large majority of patients in the practice have not been seen in person since March 2020!!!!!  
                     RETURN TO IN Office IN PERSON Appointments 
The phones will be continue to be answered from 9:30 until 1200 noon and 1 til 3pm. We have recently upgraded our phone system as the previous system was problematic. Unfortunately the wait on the phone will definitely be longer than usual, especially between 930 and 11 AM.
Telephone appointments never really worked well for the physician. 
We recognize that there was some convenience for phone calls from the patient's point of view. There may be an occasional  time and place for a disciplined phone call but all physicians will rejoice at getting back to the office and putting down the phone and seeing patients face to face. 
Phone medicine has proven to be generally unsatisfactory for everyone and was only a stop gap measure til Covid has run its peak.
                           The office is evolving back to
           Do not call and request a call back from the doctor. 
                     JUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT !!!

                           Missed Appointments 
Much as many patients find it hard to believe, in these times of stressful demand for medical services, some patients are missing appointments.  Please call to let us know as literally dozens of other patients could take your appointment time. Repeat offenders will be charged  or asked to reconsider their position on our roster
Please review our prescription renewal protocols.                                 
You must initially contact your pharmacy directly, NOT our office.  Your pharmacy will then  fax your request to our office for a legal paper trail. DO NOT WAIT until your last pill is gone or go to the pharmacy and expect a 30 minute turnaround. It is your responsibility to oversee your supply of medications. Go to your pharmacy at least one week prior to running out of your meds in order to give us time to process all your requests.  Remember faxes are problematic as they get lost in the pharmacy  or do not transmit and have to be resent. 

​                      Patients Coming to the Office in 2022
                                       at 2200 Fairview

        Kim and Mary are in the office every day and are masked.                             
                     Technical Changes
          LAB facilities in our building  are still closed. 
           Xray is OPEN  in our building for only  ultrasounds.                 
            More specialized Ultrasounds like MSK(musculo skeletal) are                performed on Brant St.  All Xrays are done at Brant st.
         The closest open  Lab Facilities are Lifelabs at the Harvester                      Professional Building at 3155 Harvester between Guelph Line                  and Walkers  Line, however you can utilize any lab facilities.                      
       For your blood and urine testing, we fax the requisition to Lifelabs.
                                In Burlington you can JUST WALK IN
       Their Central Booking phone number at 1-877-849-3637                 .

        Pharmacy in our building is still open on restricted hours closing            at 5pm.  For those of you picking things up from our office the                 building gets locked at 6 pm.
        Parking gates are up for free parking in our building.
                                             END OF EMAILS
        We have removed our office email address from the website.
        Dr Laura may have some use for limited email in the future. At present time select patients will be asked to email pictures of skin lesions ONLY. Please do not use the new office email for ANY other reason.  
      It is still problematic to transmit forms, lab requisitions and the like via email out of the office EMR computer system as the office staff must do time consuming manipulations to get a simple form out via email.  Dr Laura is working on additions to the EMR in order to make this happen in 2022.  At this time any email form, creation/ correspondence will effect a $10 charge for Mary and Kim's time.              

Kim Going back to School

A Message from Kim:

Dear Patients:

Over the past 5 years it has been an honour to help take care of you. From talks on the phone, to squeezing people in for appointments, to flu shots, to baby weighing, to the liquid nitrogen gun , to skin lesions,  to long chats at the front desk handling the good times and the bad, I loved every second.  It was a difficult decision but with the encouragement and support of the office, I have decided to return to school to pursue a new career in NURSING!! Surprise! Surprise!

I will miss all my old friends and patients but I know you will left in good hands.

It has been my honour,


It is with mixed emotions to inform you that our beloved medical assistant Kim is leaving the office in January to start her new career in nursing.

Recognizing Kim's personal strengths and interests and despite these tumultuous times, the office is happy to have encouraged Kim to make the jump to Nursing school but so sad to see her leave.

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