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What is a concussion?


Concussion (also sometimes called mild traumatic brain injury) is the most common form of traumatic brain injury.  Most people will recover whether it takes one or several weeks, however 15-20% of people who sustain a concussion have longer, potentially difficult and persistent symptoms that interfere with their functioning and daily lives.A concussion causes temporary changes in brain function that can affect thinking, vision, balance, and alertness.

People with concussions usually have:

  • a headache 

  • feel confused,

  • dazed,

  • nausea,

  • fuzzy vision,

  • dizzy,

  • or short term memory loss.


Other symptoms include :

  • fatigue,

  • trouble concentrating,

  • and being irritable.

Most people with mild concussions recover quickly. However, concussions need to be take seriously

FOR MORE INFORMATION:   Check out the Concussions Ontario website 

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