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Message from OLD Dr.Foster 2023


It is truly hard to believe that I officially retired from the family practice in June of 2021 some 2 years ago. My how time flies!! and my how the practice of family medicine has evolved since Covid landed here in early 2020. It was an honour and a pleasure to look after you for all those 43 years but I am even more happy to transfer your care to someone as competent and caring as my daughter Laura.  Laura keeps me "somewhat" in the loop as to how you all are doing with the new births, new additions, new diagnoses, stability or progression of old ailments and the death of old friends. I continue to say that you remain in excellent hands!!!!


I am still "around" at Joseph Brant Hospital assisting in the OR

with orthopedic surgery/total joint replacement surgery with dr. Pyper on Tuesdays but my best job is grandbaby sitting(Soon to be number 7)

This year I helped 4 of them learn to ski. No body surfing for anybody :-)

Family practice has changed so much since my old days.

Unfortunately the evolution of medical care in Burlington has been such that the powers that be in our local hospital do not see a need for a family physician presence in the hospital.  Long gone are the days when I would deliver your baby, see you in ER, assist at your surgery, visit you daily in JBH and direct your care whether on a medicine floor, surgery floor, rehab floor or psychiatry floor.  Regrettably those days have long passed in Burlington.


With many patients not coming to the office for 2.5 years, Covid has created a backlog of multiple complex medical problems  for Laura to handle. Patients are now coming to the office expecting Laura to solve 10 new problems at one time, something you would never do in my era.  Please allow her the time to give a reasoned and confident approach to your problems in a mutually prioritized manner.

Some patients are "demanding" specialty consults for problems that I always solved in the office without referring off to specialists.  Laura with her extra training has a much more comprehensive and up to date knowledge of medicine than I ever possessed with my ancient training. 

The trusting relationship with your family physician is still the most important foundation of your future health. Nurture it with kindness and patience.

If you see me around town in my disguise of jeans, Tilley hat and sandals, please say hello and let me give you a hug.


Old Old Dr Foster

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