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preventive health care

As we have completely realized with Covid, there is no reason to do an annual complete physical examination on asymptomatic  adults with no significant risk factors


An annual visit may be done for medication renewals but it is more the patient's history and symptoms that guide any further testing or examinations

If a healthy patient requests to be screened for everything!, it is worthwhile exploring the symptoms that they have not yet disclosed and inquire about any underlying concerns.

Most times once patients have been explained and understand  the relative low value of many tests or examinations ---unless there is a clinical reason to do them.

In practice we hear that  many patients want to be screened for "everything" but in reality are more concerned specifically about cancers.  At that office appointment we discuss the different cancers that the specific aged and sex patient might be susceptible for. what the  appropriate screening is for those specific cancers and usually surprise patients about the inherent limitations of physical examination, routine blood work and even screening investigations.


The Covid 19 pandemic has allowed us to "choose more wisely" regarding which investigations we pursue.  In Covid times we can even  gather this information on the phone and by listening more closely, we can be more judicious regarding which  examination or investigations need to be pursued. In general we will be doing fewer blood tests, mammogram, prostate blood tests, pap smears colonoscopies etc. 

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