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Monday :       9:00am-12 noon          Booked Appointments

                      12;30pm-3:30pm         Same Day Appointments

Tuesday:       9:00am-12noon           Booked Appointments

                      12:30pm-3:30pm         Same Day Appointments

Wednesday:  12 noon-4:00pm          Same day Appointments

                       5:00pm-8:00pm           After Hours Clinic Dr Foster

Thursday:      9:00am-4:00pm            Phones Answered

                        5:00pm-8:00pm          After Hours Clinic Dr Brush

Friday:           9:00am-12 noon          Same Day Appointments

Saturday:       9:00am-12noon           Weekend Clinic  Rotating roster of Doctors 


HOW TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT: Call the office at  905-639-0884 at 9:30 am to speak to reception.

As per pre Covid patients will be asked to COME INTO THE OFFICE!!!!!

and there will be no phone appointments. Email has not been available for a long time. There is no chat function on the website



Booked appointments will be saved for routine periodic health exams( pap smears, diabetes followup)

We are finally returning to our old rapid access appointment booking where you can call and be seen same day or next.

The office is very excited to return to our pre-Covid level of service.

Office Appointment Changes are as follows:
Because of ongoing Covid precautions limiting the number of people in the office and the ongoing need for rigorous cleaning and disinfecting between patients, the number of patients seen in a day is reduced from Precovid  2019.
In order to maintain an efficient flow of patients through the office, the routine office appointment protocols must be changed in order to process all the necessary patients safely. 
.Appointments will generally be shorter and more focused.  Just deal with the ONE major problem.

EVERY appointment will be 1 concern ONLY.
Please prioritize your concerns and as a courtesy to following patients discuss only 1 issue during your appointment.
We recognize everyone is keen to see the doctor and get down to dealing with all their accumulated problems
BUT this can not happen.  Get down to your major concern and then give the next patient a chance.
Additional appointments  may be required for other concerns.
There will be a back long of  30month old screening tests to do, so you may be handed requisitions and lab tests to be done.

Counselling sessions have also been reduced in time and frequency.

* Please watch the website for updates on the schedule 

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