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Covid Vaccines

The previous long blurb about vaccines has been taken down.  

As Nike says "JUST DO IT" . The only people getting l sick with Covid are those not vaccinated.

Vaccinations have now been approved for everyone over 6 months of age.

My own 2 children over 6 months have recently been immunized prior to their return to school.

We have seen an emerging problem of patients not getting even a third jab.

Less than 50% of Ontario residents have even had a third innoculation.

Anyone who has not had a booster in the last 6 months is recommended to get one now that flu season is coming closer.  The recent approval for use  of the bivalent vaccine that works against the original coronavirus plus the Omicron variant should improve protective antibody response

It is still very simple to book your Covid vaccination.

Flu shots and Covid shots may be given close together in time without concern.

We are just not seeing ANY SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS to vaccination.

Previous problems with clots and heart issues just are not being seen.



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