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2023 Update!


May 2023 Office 

Office practice is still very busy catching up with Covid backlog. We are trying to arrange routine screening tests for you that may have been delayed over Covid.

Don't be shocked if you are just contacted that a number of tests are overdo, here are the requisitions to have them done and th

and get them arranged!!

Telephone medicine is almost over as it is well time to get back to see the doc face to face.

Dr. Laura still has many more family responsibilities than her old retired father, so her availability puts limits ton the extent of office hours. As per Pre Covid:  Same day appointment booking, booked appointments for routine periodic health maintenance and  pre booked Wednesday After hours Clinic all have resumed.


NEW SATURDAY MORNING rotating Doctor Clinic increases your access to quality family medicine care without having to go to dreaded walk-in clinics. Please remember "negation" : that counter intuitive government initiative that financially penalizes our office for every single dollar of medical care that you obtain from outside our office at Walk-In Clinics!!!!

Dr. Maurana Brush has now officially started her own  family practice  in our office and we are sharing office staff.

New on staff is Amanda, a younger tech savy version of her Mother our stalwart office commander in  chief Mary.

Amanda will spend more  time on Dr. Brush's side and Mary will continue  more on Dr Laura's side.

We wish our old office assistant Kim good fortune pursuing further education at nursing school.

No new office Happiness Managers(in other words DOGS) YET!!!

IMPORTANT-  PLEASE READ         Politics of Medicine

The Ontario and Canadian  Healthcare Crisis

Interesting information about our healthcare system.


  • In 1990 Canada had 33,403 Hospital beds 

  • in 2016 Canada had  18,571 hospital beds

  • Ontario has 2.3 hospital beds per thousand people

  • The Canadian average is 3.3 hospital beds per thousand people


The top rated European healthcare systems:

  • France has 6.6 hospital beds per thousand people

  • Germany has 8.2 hospital beds per thousand people

  • Germany has 4.13 MDs per thousand people

  • The Canadian  average is 2.3 MDs per thousand people

  • Canada has 0.9 health bureaucrats per thousand people

  • Germany has 0.06 health  bureaucrats per thousand people

  • Canada has 15 healthcare bureaucrats for every 1 German healthcare bureaucrat.


Unfortunately Ontario is promising  even more healthcare bureaucrats.


In other words,

  • Canada has one health bureaucrat per 1415 people

  • Germany has one health bureaucrat per 15,545 people

Any ideas why our healthcare system is so expensive and yet we get much poorer healthcare results compared to other healthcare systems?


I have been listing our closures/ changes on the main page- please check this before you come into the office so you know if there is any changes for that day! 

We will be rolling out a Virtual visit however with this in mind the office MUST have your up to date email address as well as a email consent



Why we are using a tablet prior to most visits: 


As many patients have seen, we are now using a computer tablet on checking in at reception with Kim or Mary. The tablet is set up prior to your appointment with a variety of questions about the reason for your visit . It will also immediately update your demographics, email and OHIP version codes,as it is directly connected to your personal medical chart.  It is important for us to have updated addresses and phone numbers so we can follow your healthcare accurately and be able to get in contact with you for any specialist appointments or important tests that you may need. Please make sure that our office has your PHARMACY INFORMATION. 

It is really quite a fantastic advancement in medical history taking. As you are filling out the tablet in the reception area while you wait, the answers are added directly to the electronic medical record in real time, even before Dr. Foster has seen you in the examination room. Many studies have shown that in the non-stressed environment of the reception area without the doctor or office staff present, many people actually give a more comprehensive history than when they are stressed at the Dr.'s arrival in the exam room.

If you are in for repeat visits for the same concerns , you will be filling out the same questionnaire each time as it is important to see if anything has changed since your last visit. 

Please cooperate with the office staff when they ask at time of booking 'why you need to see the doctor'  in order to give you the best questionnaire pertaining to your visit and so you can be booked appropriately with the correct amount of time.

For almost every visit to the office, we will attempt to incorporate a tablet questionnaire


We have been getting an overwhelming amount of support for this new scheduling system of same day appointments. While most patients have expressed their satisfaction and surprise in being able to obtain an appointment on the same day of calling, we recognize that there is still some bother at having to call the next day, if all appointment slots are taken on any particular day.  If patients can truly adhere to one simple 2-5 minute  problem, then we can attempt to "squeeze" more patients in.. 

We have dedicated certain times for any longer appointments (ie paps, periodic health exams, minor in-office surgery procedures, counseling -THESE TYPES OF APPOINTMENTS ARE NOT FOR SAME-DAY BOOKING OR WALK-IN CLINICS- PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO PRE-BOOK) The 'special' pre-booked appointments are limited and fill fast. We are booking 2 - 3 weeks out, so please advise us as soon as possible if you need one of these appointments. 

SAME DAY BOOKINGS: Phones are answered at 9:30, please patiently wait in the queue until your call is answered. We acknowledge that our 4 incoming phone lines can get busy. Please stay on the line and staff will get to you.  If you wait to call after 10am YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BE SEEN THAT DAY and will need to call back the next day. EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM REMEMBER!  Please do not call at 930 for a long phone discussion with Mary or Kim. Save those enquiries for the afternoon when phones are not so frantic

WALK IN CLINIC: We have changed Monday's walk-in clinic hours, you can now walk in with no appointment between 10:00 to 1:00. We have extended Monday's afternoon SAME-DAY bookings to 2:00-4:00.  ( anything after 4 is reserved for counseling and 'special' appointments ONLY )

Wednesday Walk-In clinic runs from 12noon til 430pm. After the rush from 12 til 1pm  this  clinic  frequently is not very busy from 3 til 430pm.

Please remember that we offer PRE BOOKED appointments on Wednesday evenings from 5:00-8:00, You may book these appointments on the prior Tuesday or Wednesday, the day of .  Bookings commence at 5:00 pm and can be of a longer nature . 


There is no secure email capability at this time although we are exploring more options and our experience with COVID will change how medicine is practiced in the future.

We are developing capability to have video appointments which require an EMail address. There will always be privacy issues to work out and nothing is perfect yet!  We still require everyone's email addresses as we now have a limited capability to send general practice updates regarding Covid updates, changes in office procedures, arrival of flu shots, over due tests ( paps, mammograms, etc...) During Covid we have asked patients to send DISCRETE!! pictures of their rashes, skin lesions, throats and swollen joints.

If you do not wish to be emailed from our office please ensure that we do not have your email address. If we have your email our assumption is that we can use it.

Please be assured No personal medical information will be discussed on this site OR via any online communications



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